Digestive Function and Dysfunction Part Two!

freeimage-6213443Let’s recap the main points from last week:

Digestion is a North To South process.

Step one: In order for digestion to begin, one must be relaxed!

Step two: Chew thoroughly to enhance salivary enzymes and stomach processes.

Step three: The stomach “burns” and “churns” your food, stomach acid is imperative!

Moving down the line!

Step four, the Small Intestine, Pancreas, and Gallbladder! Highly acidic food from the stomach is released into the small intestine.  Here, the pancreas is triggered by this acidity level to release bicarbonate and stop the burn in the intestine.  The pancreas is also responsible for releasing addition enzymes to help break down molecules.  In addition, the gallbladder secretes bile to emulsify fats to be properly absorbed. Muscular action pushes food down the line.

Issues that may occur?

  • If food molecules are not broken down properly, it can disturb the villi in the small intestine, creating Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • If stomach acid is not adequate when entering the small intestine, pancreatic enzymes may not be sufficient
  • If fat is not present in the diet, bile will not be secreted and may become viscous


  • Maintain proper digestion from step one!
  • Supplement with hydrochloric acid if necessary
  • Include natural, healthy fats in the diet each day

Step Five, the Large Intestine and Colon! Remaining fiber, water, bile, and old cells get pushed through to the large intestine and colon.  Water gets recycled and missed nutrients get captured.  Beneficial bacteria help us absorb vitamins K, B1 & B12, keep harmful bacteria in check, and finish digestion.  What’s left becomes feces and exits the body.

Issues that may occur?

  • Lack of beneficial bacteria can lead to digestive and immune issues
  • Dehydration and an insufficient volume of fiber may cause constipation


  • Add fermented foods and/or probiotic supplements to your diet
  • Maintain proper hydration throughout the day
  • Eat a whole foods diet to ensure proper amounts of fiber!

Proper digestion and diet is the KEY to health.  What you eat and how it is assimilated should contribute to your health, not put you in distress.  By following these suggestions, proper digestion is possible!

For a free 50-minute consultation, please contact me at nichewellness@gmail.com!


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